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We offer some of the best food franchises to own you’ll find anywhere.

If you want to start your own business, chances are you’ve considered starting a restaurant or food service operation at least once—after all, food is a universal human need, so going into business selling it seems like a safe bet. However, many restaurants and even food trucks struggle to attract the customers they need to turn a profit, as customers are often reluctant to take a chance on a new establishment. To get around this risk, many people choose to open franchises of more established restaurants and food businesses instead, as the established brand recognition will help them attract customers right away. We at Cocoa Forte Franchise like to think our franchises are some of the best food franchises to own, and we encourage you to consider us when deciding how you want to enter the food service business.

Best Food Franchises to Own

There are a few reasons why we believe our franchises are the best food franchises to own. First, we charge a much lower licensing fee than many other brands, just $15,000 compared to the $45,000 fee for McDonald’s. In addition, we provide a variety of great support services to help you get your new business off the ground and running successfully—we can help you with everything from ecommerce and social media marketing to lead generation and job sourcing.

Lastly, our team has built a great reputation for ourselves and our brand since our founding in 2011, and we are confident you’ll have plenty of eager customers for your franchise. To find out more about why ours are the best food franchises to own, just give us a call.